I Have a Problem

May 15, 2020

Hello it's John here,

I know we all have inconsistencies that we're working on and right now, one of mine is…. I want to please people more than I should.

I want to please you and take care of you as a customer. I try to get the products that you order to you as quickly and easily as possible, which is not all bad.

But, I've been ignoring these 2 guidelines we have set up on the website.

1. Our order deadline is Monday Night.

The reason we have an order deadline of Monday Night is because Anna (our talented bread baker) needs to know how much bread to bake for the orders we will deliver on Thursday.

What I’ve been doing is telling people if they do not have bread we will go ahead and deliver the order on Thursday no matter when they order it. This is causing much confusion. When we go to fill orders, it gets confusing on which orders go out this week and which ones go out next week. 

So, we plan to do our best to stick to our Monday night order deadline from here on out.

2. A clear distinction between delivery to the greater Dayton, Ohio area and on farm pick up at The Maker's Meadow

When you order, you have two options. You can choose home delivery to the greater Dayton area or on-farm pick up at The Maker's Meadow Location: 3135 N Preble County Line Rd, West Alexandria, OH 45381

What is happening, is sometimes I see you're close to another delivery we're making. I tell Mary to go ahead and deliver your order, even if you’ve chosen to pick the order up at the farm. 

Again, this is causing confusion for you as a customer and Mary. Mary’s not always sure if she's supposed to deliver orders or if you're picking them up. (Mary is awesome at what she does, which is almost everything!)

So, if you choose home delivery, expect home delivery on your designated delivery day.

If you choose to pick up on the farm, plan to pick up on the farm on the designated Thursday between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

We really appreciate you and your support as a customer. We look forward to serving you better each week!

John Filbrun

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