Our FIRST Freezer Overflow Sale!!!

October 14, 2022

Click here to watch our video!

How our Freezer Overflow Sale works:

Turkey and Lamb are deeply discounted!

Savings start at 5% on up to 15% off on DISCONTINUED items! (Yes some items are going away!!)

READ THIS CAREFULLY: When you put enough meat in your cart to tally $200 or more, you'll get another 5% off Buy using this coupon...


Now here comes the BEST PART...

This means when you buy Turkey or Lamb marked down to 15% off, with a another 5% discount on a order of $200 or more, you're going to save over 20% on some items!!

Woo hoo! That's HUGE savings on grassfed & meadow-raised goodness!

Basically, we're letting YOU create your own bundles and you can add any meat to your cart to reach $200 or more!

This amazing sale runs now until end of October!

Stock up on Lamb and Turkey because some items will soon be discontinued so this is your last chance to enjoy!!

First come, first serve!

Buy Now!!

Click here: Turkey Freezer Overflow Sale

Click here: Lamb Freezer Overflow Sale

When we run out of some of these discontinued items, we will be sold out for good.

So order what you want NOW!

Thank you for helping us clear out our overflowing freezer by filling up yours!

And remember to use SAVEON$200 When you check out your order.

John Filbrun

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