Mostly Grassfed 48 lb Ground Beef Bundle

Mostly Grassfed 48 lb Ground Beef Bundle

48 - 1 lb packages of Ground Beef
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MOSTLY GRASSFED Ground Beef comes from a couple of cows that two years ago spent a few months of their 4 years feeding on nonorganic cornstalks, therefore, earning this unique yet accurate moniker. The majority of their life was spent consuming a pure grassfed diet while enjoying the entirety of their life out on the meadow.

You can be guaranteed due to their mature age, this beef comes with an "extra good" rich flavor!

In fact, use this beef to make the best-tasting burgers and your friends and family will call your burgers "gourmet!"

Our fine, rich ground beef is a blend of round, chuck, brisket, and trimmings from other quality cuts. Perfect for stir fries, meatball, casseroles, and countless other tasty dishes!

Buying beef in bulk like this is a great way to save money while conveniently having plenty of a "quick-meals" meat on hand that's easy to pull out of the freezer, thaw and use!

Comes with 48 (1 lb) packages



Free of Hormones or Steroids

Never Fed Drugs or Antibiotics



Nitrite/Nitrate Free

Sugar Free

Supplemented with Organic Minerals

All meats are frozen and delivered in vacuum-sealed packages that are free of BPA, Melamine and Animal By-Product.