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A story of what Easter means to me

written by

John Filbrun

posted on

April 14, 2022

Hello friend,

Being that it's Easter, the time of year that we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (the spotless lamb of God)...

Can I share a little bit of what this means to me?

Jesus came to Earth and lived a sinless life and set an example of a humble servant. (How we should live.) Then he laid down his life by his own free will choosing to give up everything and forgive all of our sins and trespasses against God's holy law. Then he rose from the dead displaying God's mighty power over death and his power to give us a new life as we repent and turn our hearts towards him.

For me the journey has been a very slow and long one. I remember praying whenever I was seven or eight years old and asking the Lord in to my heart to change me. But I never told anyone because I wanted to see if there was a difference and nothing changed that I could tell. Throughout my teen years, I was very rebellious and sought to fulfill my passions and desires through many sinful things like lust & fantasies, work and financial success, criticism of others, and thinking I'm better than others (pride). But God got a hold of my heart whenever I was 18 or so and helped me start to see how much I needed him. I remember one night laying in bed and just telling him, "Here's my life -- I've tried all these things to try to find happiness and I'm just more miserable." I was baptized when I was 19 and had a time of victory over sin but shortly turned back to my old sinful ways and went deeper than I had went before.

Over the past 10 years, God has been working in mysterious ways giving me times of victory and letting me choose my own way so I can see how wicked and deceitful my own heart really is. But looking back, I know I see how he Has been extremely merciful to me not only spiritually, but in every area of life. I'm so thankful for the work he's doing to bring me into a closer walk and relationship with him each day as I spend time in his word (the Bible) and pray.

I would say for 8 years or so after I was baptized I struggled with knowing and believing that I was truly saved and his blood being shed on the cross was really enough. But I can truly say that through his great mercy He has brought so much peace. Even though life is very hard, by times I'm no longer so afraid of death or what lies in the future after death, because I know I am his chosen child, adopted into the family of God, and I can rest in his goodness to me!! I'm also learning to trust him for my sanctification (for the Lord to give me the character of Jesus) in his perfect timing. My job is to live out this Bible verse...

John 6:29 Jesus told them, “This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.”

Even though I struggle to believe it some days, God is truly GOOD!!!

I want You my dear friend to learn to know God in a deeper way as well. I hope this story is an encouragement to you to press in and seek him with all your heart and experience the power of the resurrected Jesus!!!

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