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🦃🦃Baby Turkeys Have Arrived!🦃🦃

It's a very hot and sweaty job because the little turkeys need to be between 95 and a 100° for the first week. You'll get to see their low soy organic feed and the propane heater set up inside the large Plportable pasture pen. All the work and sweat are totally worth it because we want you to have an amazing Thanksgiving turkey.

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom Rebecca has been a huge blessing in my life. She has walked alongside me offering encouragement and inspiration throughout the process and challenges of my learning how to raise healthy, clean meats for you! I wouldn’t be here as the farmer I am today without her!


Captain Tony has been fishing in Alaska since 1990. He is famous for harvesting Wild caught Sockeye Salmon! All of our other fish including Shrimp, Halabet, & Cod are responsibly sourced, caught the right way and closely inspected by Capt. Tony to meet our high standards of quality and freshness.

Appetizer Recipes

Every Christmas Eve my family loves to make and share appetizers for the whole family. It's a great way to serve a lighter meal before the big Christmas dinner the next day. Whether it's the night before Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Easter, perhaps you and your family might want to join our family tradition of "Appetizer Eve!"

Filbrun Family's Simple Roast Recipe for Pastured Turkey

Roasting a pastured-turkey that's been raised with organic farming practices in the fresh air and free from preservatives may seem intimidating but actually it's way simpler than you think. Read below to see our family's recipe... this simple but delicious recipe lets the taste of the turkey take centerstage.

3 Easy Steps to Add Credit to your Account with Referrals

It's super easy to get credit by referring a friend or family member to The Maker's Meadow. When they place their first order, you get credit and they enjoy a nice discount. But you must use your Referral Link to track that the referral came from you and then YOU get the credit YOU deserve! Learn how in 3 Easy Steps!

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