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American Microgreens: A Healthy Start-Up by Our Neighbor's Joe & Adrianne Fowler

March 31, 2022

Joe and Adrianne Fowler are making a BIG impact in a MICRO kind of way!

This healthy startup is helping to address all sorts of challenging health issues while making healthy food taste really good!!

Joe says, “You can distinctly taste the different greens in the basic salad mix which includes cabbage, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, arugula. Each microgreen tastes like a milder version of the full grown vegetable. The Leeks taste similar to chives or green onions. Pea microgreens taste most like a sugar snap pea, popcorn microgreens have a mild sweet corn flavor and are great for those with diverticulitis who are unable to eat corn. They can still get the flavor with more nutrition but without the discomfort!”

American Microgreens happens to be our neighbors and are located just down the street from The Makers Meadow in West Alexandria. They are growing microgreens all season long with the help of grow lights, organic soil and food grade microgreen trays and plant certified True Leaf Market seeds (including some that are certified organic). 

They have a variety of microgreens: Organic Speckled Pea, Basic Salad Mix, Bulls Blood Beets, Organic Yellow Popcorn, Carantan Leeks, Kale, and Broccoli.

And American Microgreens will even take requests!

Microgreens are considered a "Superfood" because they're loaded with nutrients that are harvested and sold at their peak nutritional content and can last up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Joe and Adrianne naturally love to garden but their mission became altruistic when Joe’s cousin learned she had colon cancer.

Joe says, “I wanted to help her. I was looking into beneficial foods that fight cancer and found that microgreens have a lot of cancer fighting properties as well as other great health benefits. We began growing them to benefit our health and hers.”

And how is his cousin doing now?

“She is doing well. She has been taking IV chemo every other week along with changing her diet and incorporating microgreens. Her last blood test showed that her tumor markers have significantly decreased in the last few months. She has been incorporating our microgreens in her diet for the last 3 months.”

Adrianne now likes to make their family a Blueberry Oat Smoothie with Pea Microgreens for breakfast (see recipe below). They also love the versatile culinary appeal that microgreens offer. In addition to smoothies, The Fowler’s like to add microgreens to salads, sandwiches, soups and as a garnish to any meal.

Prices are very reasonable and you can purchase American Microgreens at any Farmer’s Markets they attend. They will post on their Facebook page where they will be.

Facebook @americanmicrogreens

Current Pricing: Pea/Salad mix $4.00 per ounce / Popcorn $5.00 per ounce / Leeks $2.50 for ½ ounce / Beets $6.00 per ounce 

American Microgreens Fruit Smoothie Recipe

1 half a frozen banana

1 small apple quartered

1/4- 1/2 cup frozen blueberries

3 Tbsp raw oats

.5 oz pea microgreens

A large pinch of salad mix microgreens

1 cup soy milk (add more or use water if needed to reach desired smoothie thickness)

Blend and enjoy!

You can add/subtract ANY fruits you want in your microgreen smoothies! We also freeze oranges to add sometimes and other berries.

To learn more about which Farmer's Market you can buy American Microgreens:

Facebook @americanmicrogreens

Joe Fowler: 502-655-0483

email: joefowler2003@gmail.com


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