Are you informed of where your food really comes from?

July 9, 2019

I was riding with a friend of mine yesterday afternoon, who is a registered nurse.

As we drove past some factory farms he was commenting on how nasty they are and how they have some bad farming practices.
So we had a little conversation about how where we spend money on food has a fairly direct influence on farming practices.

Stop and think about it. Doesn't almost all of our food originate from things grown in the soil?

I find it amazing to learn about the all the little living organisms in it.

They are alive! And need to be fed, kept cool ,and moist to be healthy.

The organisms feed the grass and keep it healthy.

The grass then feeds livestock keeping them healthy.

And of course you are what you eat so healthy livestock means healthy food for you!

So by grazing the animals the way God intended them to, they trample the grass flat on the ground and feed the biology with their manure.

Which helps protect the soil and keep it healthy.

 It all comes down to the soil which feeds us and keeps us and our families healthy for generations to come!

A big thank you to our now informed customer!

John Filbrun

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