Baby Chicks!

April 29, 2020

Baby chicks are making their big spring debut here at The Maker’s Meadow. The wildflowers are in bloom. The grasses are turning greener and that familiar chirping sound is back!

How do we care for baby chicks?

Baby chicks need a lot of care!
We have to make sure the temperature stays at 95 degrees in the brooder house for the first week or so. This can be really challenging with the temperature fluctuations we have in the spring.

Farm cats and other varmints prowling around would love to have a tasty snack. Therefore, we do our best to keep the door shut and keep them safe from predators at all times.

We also do our best to make sure they have plenty of clean water, fresh feed and comfortable pine wood shavings for bedding.

Where Does The Maker's Meadow Get Baby Chicks?

We get our baby chicks from a great place called Eagle Nest Poultry. They are located north of Columbus near upper Sandusky, in the town of Oceola, Ohio. After they ship the chicks to us, we put them in a brooder (a heated house) to stay warm. When their feathers have developed enough, they are able to stay outside in regular temperatures.

Wondering What a Baby Chick Eats? 

We mix the baby chicks daily feed here on the farm. Adding in some really nice Alfalfa and grass hay so they are eating some nutritious greens while they're in the brooder.

This is the feed mix we feed them for the first month or so.

20% Protein chick starter feed mix.

All organically raised ingredients.

Fertrell Poultry Nutri-Balancer

mineral premix 15 lb

Calcium Carbonate 

6.5 lb

Fish Meal 25 lb

Wheat 50 lb

Extruded Soybeans 150 lb 

Alfalfa grass mix hay 15 lb

Corn 250 lb

Stay-tuned for more interesting chick action coming! Because, in 3 weeks or so, we move the chicks out to their pasture pens.  Here, the chicks can enjoy the rest of their life eating fresh grass and juicy insects.

John Filbrun

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