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Beauty on the farm

written by

John Filbrun

posted on

August 7, 2020

My sister Anna shot a video just for you! It captures the beauty here on the farm. Gather your family around because all of you will love seeing the latest arrivals... a new baby calf & baby Thanksgiving turkeys!

A big thank you to Anna who probably works harder than the rest of us with a lot less recognition.

Anna is our youngest sister.

I admire her cheerfulness as she so graciously serves our family by doing so many mundane tasks like laundry, cooking, and cleaning.

Anna also takes care of baking bread for you, assisting Rhoda when she needs help caring for the livestock, and of course catching some prime video footage on the farm.


Anna loves to  fill our hearts with cheer by singing and playing musical instruments such as the penny whistle and guitar.

And last but not least, Anna does a great job at helping our youngest brothers Bernard and Jay. She helps them direct their energy as they help care for the livestock and do their house chores.


Bernard age 11


Jay age 10 

Thank you Lord for blessing us with Anna!!!

the makers meadow

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Thanksgiving turkeys

Thanksgiving turkeys

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baby calf

Ohio farming

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