Unique Way to Use our Photo Notecards

December 18, 2021

Laura Faircloth had been looking for just the right pictures to add to her laundry room and another wall in her house.

She loves pictures that are peaceful.

Back in October, at Farm Day 2021, when she spotted The Maker's Meadow's new photo notecards featuring beautiful, quaint scenes from our grassfed farm, she knew she found just what she was looking for!

Laura states, "I had been struggling to find some local artwork for my newly relocated laundry room. It also happens to be directly across from my kitchen sink- so I spend a lot of time looking into this area. I like to have artwork around that makes me smile or gives me some positive affirmations throughout the day. 
The pictures I got from the farm make me think of the open air and nature. They make me think about things and moments that are serene and pure. They also remind me to be thankful for the hard work that the Filbruns put into providing food for others and the beauty they must see in that mission." 
Laura says this poem comes to mind...

Thank you, Laura! You in turn inspire us to want to serve! May God bless you and give you peace and comfort throughout your day.

Mary Filbrun

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