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Do you know the benefits of pasture-raised Turkey?

written by

John Filbrun

posted on

November 16, 2019

Here are three benefits of pasture-raised Turkey.

1 turkeys raised on pasture get to live a Humane life .
They are able to carry out their natural feeding and roosting instincts the way God made them.

Whereas conventional Birds are housed in large barns with the lights on 24 hours a day to encourage them to eat more genetically engineered grains laced with antibiotics.

2 Pasture-raised turkey taste better!

Marci ( one of our dear customers) said...
"I just cooked up my most successful turkey to date. I attribute that mostly to the nice layer of fat in the breast area. This bird was fresh and cooked up moist and tender. The broth was rich and dark."

The Great Taste comes from not only better care and living conditions but, also a diverse diet of grass, bugs, and insects, supplemented with quality organic feed.

The best way to get good turkey is to get it fresh, not like the conventional ones that are pumped full of water or saline solution to try to help them be moist.

3 Last but not least pasture-raised turkey is healthier for you, with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin D, vitamin E, and lots of other nutrients and minerals

Don't forget pasture-raised turkeys are free things that most conventional turkeys are fed  like a  low-level constant stream of antimicrobials to ward off any chance of disease, that might occur from less than ideal and unclean living conditions.

I hope you enjoy this post and learn something you didn't know before!

God's richest blessings to you as we all learn to be thankful for all the wonderfully good things He has given us to enjoy!!!

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