Handy Ways to Use Healthy Fats

November 5, 2021

“Wow, you have a great complexion!”

I am often taken aback and honestly feel a bit awkward when I hear those words while making meat deliveries on Thursdays.

My Mom, who buys meat every week from The Maker’s Meadow, is a great example of having healthy, radiant skin. Many are shocked when they meet her and notice that she has little to no wrinkles (even while raising 8 children with two younger ones still at home :) ! 

(My mom Rebecca Filbrun with my brother Jay)

The outward appearance of our skin can be an indicator of our inward state of health.

Today I want to share about a few products that some of our customers absolutely love to purchase that you may have never tried that are terrific for both inside and outside the body. 

Historically fat and lard have been used for centuries and now they are making a comeback again in the kitchen and other places around the home.

The fats we sell (ground beef fat not shown) are made up of a blend of suet and fat trimmings. Suet is the fat of beef or lamb found around the kidney and loins. These fats have a high smoke point and therefore can be used for deep frying, sauteing or baking and other uses outside of the frying pan.

Most of our customers “render the fat” which is a slow-heating process that liquefies the fat. The end product is called TALLOW and is a clear, solid fat.

When making tallow, you’ll often get some yummy cracklings left over to snack on as a bonus! 

Tallow has a high smoke point of 420 degrees and serves as a healthy alternative to industrial oils. 

You can even use tallow to season that wonderful cast iron skillet!

Tallow is solid and can easily be stored for use in cooking or for making candles, lotions or soaps like my sister Beth likes to make.

It is also commonly used as a balm, salve or cleanser for skin. Because grass fed beef and lamb tallow contains fatty acids in a similar proportion to human skin, it is easily absorbed and can be used to heal dry skin or skin infections. It is particularly healing for rashes and other inflammatory skin conditions as well as cuts and scrapes. It is antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. https://pittsburgherhighlandfarm.com/tallow-and-its-uses/

French Fries (or even sweet potato fries) are a #1 favorite food to fry up in tallow. Apparently McDonalds fried their french fries in beef tallow until the 90’s. Here is a French Fry recipe for using tallow.https://bumblebeeapothecary.com/beef-tallow-fries-recipe/

Pork Lard is rendered pork fat from pigs and is the best choice for pastry and other baked goods due to its neutral flavor. But you can also use it for sauteing, greasing pans, shortening, mayonnaise, and a vegetable oil substitute. Pork lard from pasture-raised pigs is also the best natural source of Vitamin D second to cod liver oil! https://shadygroveranch.net/whats-difference-lard-tallow/

Would you like to learn how to render fat so you can make tallow?

Go to https://bumblebeeapothecary.com/ and search “tallow” to learn not only how to render fat, but also how to make your own lotion, hair product, facial cream, sunscreen and other amazing recipes utilizing tallow.

Who knew you can use fat to make some beauty products and great tasting food and pastries for you, your family and friends using a natural source that’s not generally considered “beautiful?”

Order some fat today and see what you can make from it while enjoying its extraordinary nutritional content!

Lastly, tell us below how you like to use fat in your kitchen and home!

John Filbrun

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