Healthy Food and Healthy Friendships

March 13, 2020

We all love having good friends. We like them because they are different, yet in other ways we are alike, right? Today, I want to talk about something that makes us different from each other, it’s our eating habits.

When I was in Texas during the month of February, we ate processed food. My body is not used to eating like that.  I noticed that I ate a lot more food, still felt hungry, and even felt sluggish at times. 

I believe this had a lot to do with the nutritional density of the food I was eating, or lack thereof. 

The food I'm used to eating—pasture-raised meat, vegetables, and grains are packed with nutrients. These nutrients keep me going throughout the day.

Our team was helping to rebuild homes from hurricane destruction. The day was filled with work, so I was moving more than usual, yet I still gained some weight.

 Your body tells you to overeat when it’s not getting enough nutrients.

Nutrient dense food will fill you up faster and sustain you longer.

It can be easy to get stressed out about eating healthy. I believe that stress can cause just as many health issues as eating unhealthy food. So, we should not make ourselves or our friends miserable with an obsession of eating healthy food.

I liked the 80/20 rule. Eat as healthy as you can 80% of the time and do not sacrifice your friendships over the other 20% of the food you eat.

Now, I understand some of you have food sensitivities. This places limitations on what you can eat, because you may become sick. I'm sure you are doing your best to work with that challenge in your life. We want to be here to support you in your journey by bringing you healthy food and encouragement.

As a friend, I want to share this video with you from Diane Rogers. I had the privilege of hearing her live at the 2017 Grassfed Exchange Conference. I was surprised and fascinated with what she told about the nutrient density difference between grass-fed and conventional meat.

Click here to enjoy the video!

If you are serious about eating healthy food, I recommend taking the time (45 minutes) to sit down and watch this video. I thought it was well worth my time and I feel you will enjoy it too!

John Filbrun

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