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How we named our Farm & Beautiful Artwork in the Meadow

July 15, 2021

We are a family who loves the Lord and we wanted to make sure that when we named our farm, somehow we could find a name that would honor the Lord.

My mom Rebecca actually was the one who came up with the name and I am so thankful she did as it’s always felt like the perfect name.

I asked her to share with you how she came up with calling us “The Maker’s Meadow.”

“When it came time to naming our farm several years ago, our family wanted a name that brought glory to the Lord! We wanted to acknowledge that it’s all because of HIM that we can do this. We wanted it to somehow reflect that we were raising animals closer to the way they were created to thrive. 

I liked the word meadow because to me it portrays picturesque grassy acres with wild plants and wild flowers, bees buzzing among the flowers, birds singing in the tall branching plants, and the sweet-green scent of the sun-warmed grasses.

I also like the alliteration and wanted the name to have a fairly smooth flow when spoken.”

-Rebecca Filbrun

I thought it would also be perfect to show you some beautiful summer photos recently taken by my sister Anna representing the images that inspired my mom.

Have a Blessed Day!

John Filbrun

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