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Learn how the turkeys are raised and what killed 120 of them!

November 16, 2020

Just when you least expect it or you think the journey is going smoothly, sometimes you’re faced with a detour and need to make some changes.

That's exactly what happened, Rhoda called me when I was on vacation this summer and said we lost 120 baby turkeys in one night.

So I started searching for another organic regenerative farmer to to partner with and purchase turkeys from.

Then God blessed me with the opportunity to meet Ben Hoffman that owns Hoffman Certified Organics near fort Wayne Indiana.

Watch the video to the end to learn how the turkeys are raised and what killed 120 of them.

Here's a few fun facts about how the turkeys are raised....

They arrive as poults in late July from Eagle Nest Poultry and grow into full-size white turkey hens by November. 

We order all female turkeys since they grow plumper and tend to be a nicer looking bird for your table and a little more tender than males. 

Ethically raised on meadow grasses, legumes like (clover and alfalfa), forbes, bugs, and organic feed as God designed birds to eat seeds and grains. 

(That is if you have ordered one :-). 


Small 12-14 lbs

 Medium 16-17 lbs

Large 17-18 lbs.

Deliveries go out on 

Tuesday, Nov. 24th.

John Filbrun

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