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Meet Jay - My Youngest Brother!

written by

John Filbrun

posted on

August 17, 2022

Good morning my friend -

Every family member on our working farm plays an important role each and every day... even down to our youngest member Jay!

When you come to the farm for order pickup or join us at one of our scheduled farm tours, you'll meet Jay.

He can be a big help bottle feeding our baby lambs or holding the baby chicks and turkeys and petting the many farm cats and kittens.

Jay joined our family when he was just an infant along with his older brother Bernard who was almost one at the time.

Since that day nearly 12 years ago, we have forever been blessed by their energy, natural curiosity and joy.


Today I begin a series called "Introductions to the Filbrun Family" where I hope to conduct short personal interviews with each of my family members (not sure if everyone will cooperate :) you can get to know the inner workings and people that make up The Maker's Meadow.

Meet Jay - my fun-loving, hard-working helper!

Watch the Video Now!

My brother mentioned that his favorite dish that our mom makes is Vegetable Soup using our farm's Grassfed Ground Beef.

This Vegetable Soup Recipe Here closely resembles our mom's recipe.

Did you know that we currently carry two different types of Grassfed Ground Beef?

We have Grassfed Ground Beef and Mostly Grassfed Ground Beef and you can order 1lb packs individually or in bundles of 10, 24 or 48!

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Be sure to get this week's order in by Monday, August 15. 

I want to wish a "Happy Back to School" to the students in your families!

I personally have come to value just how much I love learning new things and am truly thankful that learning is a lifelong process!

Your farmer friend,

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