Meet Joey the Lamb!

July 30, 2021

When it comes to farming and raising animals, we have seen our share of situations that didn’t end the way we thought it would.

Occasionally a mother will reject her lamb especially when she has twins and forgets the smell of the first newborn upon delivering the second.

We attempt to save the neglected lamb by bottle feeding with cow’s milk.

But many times the lamb becomes too weak and dies.

Every once in a while we come across a fighter whose will to live overpowers the odds of survival.

Joey the lamb is one such fighter.

Rejected by his mom, he was bottle fed by our own family since birth and soon became apparent that he liked humans more than his own kind.

He then stole the show and our hearts at Farm Day.

He followed us around and walked with us on our farm tour and accepted any opportunity to be held. We said he was quickly becoming a “lap lamb.”

In fact, when we were out in the field with the cows and sheep, whenever a sheep bleated, he naturally bleated back without hesitation or without even realizing his own instinctive reaction. But all along, he never looked at the farm animals or joined them, he kept his eyes on we humans.

We recognized that he was not destined for the meadow but for a home. This lamb would not likely survive in the pasture.

So we sent out word and began looking for someone to adopt him.

Then one day his new family came calling.  

Joey sat in his own “car seat” while his new young caretakers, all smiles, sat in theirs and took him to his forever home where he will live out his best life.

While a majority of our animals will never become domesticated, a few now and then may become the exception.

If you too would like to adopt a lamb rejected by its mother, please leave your name below and we will keep you in mind next year. 

Lambs come along in spring and early summer.

We care for our animals in extra special ways and are always so thankful when we can share a sweet and unexpected happy ending. ❤️

John Filbrun

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