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Organically Raised Chicken Partnership.

written by

John Filbrun

posted on

August 22, 2023


Thanks again to everyone who ordered this week. I was really surprised by all the wonderful support and we really appreciate it!

Here's a fun story… I met David Bair from Troy, Ohio a couple years ago. and realized we have a lot of similar beliefs about the way we farm. 

He and his family operate a small organic dairy farm called Bair-Trax Dairy, where you can get organic milk through herd shares.

One day shortly after I met David my sister Rhoda and I went to visit David and toured the Bair-Trax Dairy Farm. It was so inspiring to see another family who really cares about the way they farm and are good stewards to all the resources God has given them. 


David showing me Michael's chicken pens

David’s son Michael, also raises organic pasture-raised chickens. Chicken is what I'm interested in because as some of you know, we ran out of chicken a couple weeks ago.

Michael had started some chickens early this spring. So, we have picked up some chicken from him. I believe he's raising them just as good or even better than we are.

Now, we have chicken back in stock for you again!



Till Next Time, 

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