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Pork...the other RED meat!

written by

John Filbrun

posted on

January 26, 2024

Some of you may recall that marketing campaign way back when that referred to pork as “the other white meat”. Well, here at The Maker's Meadow we call it the other RED meat!

Properly raised pork produces a rich, red color of meat that's just as high in Omega fatty acids as wild-caught seafood and grass-fed/finished beef. Our ongoing PORK HARVEST SALE is truly one of our low-key healthiest events of the year! What better way to start your year!

So what contributes to that rich, red color and increased nutrient profile? We've removed corn and soy from the diet of our hogs in our pork bundles to minimize polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in their tissues. PUFAs have been linked to many degenerative diseases and autoimmune conditions, and are commonly found in nut and seed oils/butters, genetically modified corn and soy products, and many commercial meat products.

So not only are you getting more Omegas, you're also getting plenty of Vitamin D and other fat-soluble vitamins in the hog's saturated fat. This is a cornerstone of any healthy diet, according to our friends at the Weston A. Price Foundation. (More about them – and from them – soon!)

If you want to save on our pork products year-round, try our NEW Subscribe & Save feature and save an additional 8% after our Pork Harvest Sale ends! There's no better way to get your bacon!

PLEASE NOTE: The pork in our pork bundles is free of corn and soy, but our year-round pork is only soy-free.

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