The Beauty Of Working With Nature!

October 8, 2019

We all like to be in control but I'm slowly learning that it's so much better when I can be purposeful and intentional while going along with the way God made things to naturally flow.

I see how that works so clearly with the livestock, we can fight the weeds and fight the weather and all the other things that we don't care for but things seem to go so much better whenever I can let go of what I think is perfectly ideal and be okay with a few weeds or a little mud.

I think it's all a part of learning contentment, to stop and take time to enjoy things just the way God made them, like a beautiful sunset, happy sheep bouncing around for joy! Or cattle munching away at the grass.

Watch the video below and enjoy a little bit of it yourself!

So much of it is my perspective how I view the world.

Am I going to focus on the things I can't completely control and be frustrated about them? like (I've got to control those weeds) that are actually pulling up nutrients from deep down in soil that the animals need and thrive on!

Or am I going to do all I can to be thankful for what I can't have an effect on? like (I'm going to move the livestock every day to help the grass and animals be as healthy as possible)

John Filbrun

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