The Second Guiding Principle Ecological / Environmental

January 30, 2020

I want to give you a little bit of a farmer's view of caring for our ecosystem and the environment. 

When you buy your food from a local farm that is not only sustainable, but regenerative with its management practices, you're getting way more than just high quality food.

Watch the video below and learn more about how your food dollars are not only helping the environment, but also helping animals be raised in a happy ethical way.

1 Healthy soil grows healthy plants. Caring for the soil and watershed.
Keeping the ground covered with grass / cover crops keeps the soil from washing away with the rain, helping the water stay clean. A living cover also helps the micro-biology thrive and stay healthy to grow healthy plants.

2 Healthy plants feed healthy livestock.
Managing the livestock by rotational grazing to mimic nature really helps the plants to stay healthy and feed the livestock well. The same way the huge herds of animals thrived on the prairies for hundreds of years.

3 Healthy livestock means healthy food for you. When the animals are eating from grass that was grown in mineral-rich healthy soil, their meat will have much higher nutrient and mineral levels.

 We need mineral-rich, nutrient dense food for our families to be healthy and thrive, so we can bring glory to God in all that we do!

John Filbrun

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