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The Third Guiding Principle Economics / Finance

January 30, 2020

Studies show that when you shop locally over 50% of money spent circulates back into the local economy making area businesses stronger. 

When you shop at big chain stores around 15% circulates back into the local economy. Shopping locally makes the Miami Valley stronger and builds a recession resistant local economy.

You are not only helping keep the money invested in production circulating in the local economy but you're also making it big difference in the amount of money spent on fossil fuels to ship your food to you from who the world knows where?

1 Remembering that the money we have is a gift of God's Bounty given to us to use wisely and enjoy for his glory.

2 Learning to not be selfish with it, hoarding it up for our own pleasure and comfort but being willing to share and give.

3 Realizing the fact that most everything we buy with it will never make us truly happy and it will all wind up like the junk pile behind me in the video.

I have truly enjoyed sharing these 3 guiding principles with you but I definitely don't want you to think I have it all figured out or practice them anywhere close to perfectly.

John Filbrun
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