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What You Put in Your Body is What You Get Out of It

July 8, 2021

Today we introduce you to the Mika Family who has been a valued customer of The Maker’s Meadow for a long time! 

In Becky’s own words...

Our family, Scott, Becky, Eli and Zachary are a very active family. We are into boating, wakeboarding, hiking, camping, dirt bike riding, running, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, boxing, football. We are always on the go and are passionate about living healthy.  

My love for The Makers Meadow started when I was going to the Centerville farmers market and Dale was there selling the chicken. I used to buy my chicken from Sam's Club as we eat a lot of it. After eating the chicken from Dale, we were hooked. Not only was the taste amazing, but we knew the quality was far beyond what was at Sam’s or any grocery store for that matter. 

My husband was working out a lot at the time and was eating a lot of steak. I bought him some steaks from Dale one time without him knowing. When I prepared them, he thought I had cooked them with butter!

Dale stopped attending the Centerville farmers market and so I would drive out to his farm to pick up the meat and the eggs. One day I brought my two young boys and Dale told them about each tractor and what it does. They loved that farm. I brought my friend and her kids out the next time and he gave us a tour of the chicken house. When we walked in, it was the cleanest place I have ever seen and the chickens were singing. We will never buy our eggs from somewhere else! Dale went beyond showing us around, he talked to us about farming and what goes into his farm. He explained the difference between organic, non-GMO farming and others and even the difference between true organic and non-GMO vs some others that are not true. After a few trips to Dale's farm, he mentioned he was going to only do eggs and he turned us over to his nephew (John) at the Makers Meadow and also mentioned that they would deliver. While we miss going out to the farm every so often, it is very convenient to have the meat delivered now. (You can purchase Dale’s “Morning Sun” organic, cage-free eggs from Dorothy Lane Market).

My oldest son used to have really bad allergies. After some time, his allergies started to get better due to the change in meat and eggs. I am a firm believer in what you put in your body is what you get out of it. Between organic food and essential oils, we stay out of the doctor's office!

We are lifelong customers of The Makers Meadow and thank them for everything they have taught us and for making a difference. 


Thank you Becky for your kind words! 

We are happy to hear how The Maker’s Meadow’s meat and Morning Sun’s eggs are contributing positively to your health by helping you stay out of the doctor’s office!

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