Where Do You Purchase Your Food?

August 31, 2021

Today I have a question... Did you know that where you purchase your food has a direct effect on keeping water clean?

When you choose to purchase your food from not only sustainable but regenerative farms like The Makers Meadow, You are making a difference in the watershed.

One of the great detriments from commercial farming practices is the amount of soil and chemicals that get washed off the land into the water streams.

With regenerative farming/grazing practices, the land is kept covered with growing or (dormant plants in the winter). This greatly reduces the amount of water runoff. It also helps the water soak into the soil so the plants and animals can thrive in the hot summer days.

Here's the other way you can help If you want!

I have a friend, Michael Cook who is on a mission to raise funds to provide safe, reliable water and COVID prevention for the dear people of Malawi.

I'd like to encourage you to click this link then scroll down a little and there's a video of him sharing a bit about it and how you can help.

Water for the animals here at The Makers Meadow.

The animals enjoy fresh well water from a very deep well near our house. This means we have over 1,300 ft of underground water line and nearly 2,000 ft of water line above ground. And trust me, it's a lot of work to move water lines across the fields to the animals. But to have healthy meat animals for you, they need healthy grasses / forage and they need good fresh water!!

Thank you God for fresh water for us and the animals!! Help us to always be sharing and giving from the abundance you've given us!!!

John Filbrun

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