Why Choose Meadow-Raised Turkey?

June 5, 2020

If you are feeding your family with healthier options, Meadow-raised turkey is a perfect choice. Here’s why.

1 Raised in a humane environment. 

2 Rich in nutrients, minerals, and Omega-3 fats that support healthy brain and heart function and it’s also high in vitamin D3 and E.

3 It tastes better. Meadow-raised turkey fans state this is the best tasting and moistest bird they’ve ever eaten.

It’s Always Good To Be Prepared For Holidays, Right? 

The best cooks in the kitchen will tell you that you should plan on 1 ½ pound of turkey per person.  In other words, to feed 12 people, you'd need an 18-pound turkey (12 × 1 1/2 = 18). (Credit to https://www.thespruceeats.com/... course, if you love those midnight snack sandwiches with turkey leftovers calculate a little more!



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Enjoy Turkey Every Day

Many people think that eating this juicy bird is just for Thanksgiving. However, as you can see there are great benefits for adding it into your daily meals. 

Did you know that a whole turkey can be safely stored for 1 year in the freezer? And the pieces of a cooked turkey can be safely stored in the freezer for up to 9 months! 

Take a look at this food safety chart for more information on food safety. www.foodsafety.com

Recipes with Turkey

Cook up something special for supper with turkey. How about turkey casseroles, pot pie, sandwiches, salad, and we suggest you try this flavorful Turkey Noodle Soup. from averiecooks.com. Kids love it too!

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