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Easy seafood! Wild fish cooking & storage tips

written by

John Filbrun

posted on

February 7, 2024

Good day, friends. I put together a short list of quick tips to help get you started with your wild fish purchases. Enjoy!

Salmon, Halibut & Cod

Bake at 400 degrees for 6-7 minutes. Let fish rest before serving.

Royal Red Shrimp

This recipe can be cooked from frozen! Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil, and add your favorite spice (like our friend Captain Tony's Wild Rub)! Add the shrimp. Once the pot returns to a boil, cook for 3 minutes. Drain, then chill shrimp. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce!

Get delicious seafood recipes from Captain Tony, our fish provider, here.

Standard Storing & Thawing Techniques

Keep your freezer as cold as possible for storage. This prevents discoloration and keeps products as fresh as possible. We recommend keeping your freezer at -5 degrees. If not kept cold enough, your fish will degrade over time.

Be gentle with your portions! Vacuum-sealed pouches can break when handled roughly. Avoid freezer burn by keeping your seafood in a low-traffic part of the freezer and avoid tossing the products.

Upon delivery, thoroughly inspect your packaging for any air in the pouch. All seafood (excluding all shellfish) should be vacuum-sealed tightly. If you find a piece with a broken seal, please contact us by phone or email!

For best quality, we recommend thawing products before cooking. To thaw product, we recommend placing items in the refrigerator overnight. If you are going to store thawed product in the fridge for more than 2-3 days, remove product from packaging and store in a covered container.

To thaw shrimp, place in a cold water bath.

Get more storage tips from Captain Tony here.

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