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Ethical farming practices contribute to:

Healthy and Happy Animals

Industrial, mass-produced, farming practices cause less than ideal environment for livestock. Causing stress on animals and making them dependent on hormones and antibiotics. Our animals are raised in a natural environment the way the Maker intended, with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. They are fed the highest quality of food and live with minimal stress. A happy and healthy animal means healthy meat for you!

Healing our Bodies

There is truth to the phrase “We are what we eat.” Because our cows and sheep are 100% grassfed and our chickens and turkeys are pasture raised, they are healthier animals. This means the meat you get from The Makers Meadow is healthy for you to eat. When you eat nutrient dense food, simply put, it’s better for your body.

  Healing the Environment 

Regenerative Farming practices reverse the effects of climate change. Through rotating animals into new pastures their waste helps create nutrient dense soil. Healthy soil contains billions of good bacteria that reduce carbon levels at an effective rate! And because we sell locally we reduce the amount of carbon emissions from not shipping our product all over the country. We truly are making the environment a better place. Learn more about Regenerative Farming Click Here! 

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