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Fantastic Grass-Fed Meat Bundles Savings just for you! Stock up and fill your freezer. If you've never tried our products before, this would be the perfect opportunity to make one purchase and get multiple types of meat

Abundance Sampler

This convenient sampler bundle features beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and pork! Limited Inventory - Buy Now!!

Save $10.00
In stock

Beef Ribeye 8 pack

8 Steaks 12-14oz each

Save $64.00

Back To Basics 1/8th Beef 35 Lbs

Premium Steaks, Patties and more...140 4oz Portions

Save $95.00
In stock
Save $238.00
In stock

Back To Basics 1/2 Beef 140 Lbs

560 4oz Portions. Please read description. (products may vary from photo)

Save $604.00
In stock

10 packs of Ground Lamb

10 - 12 oz. avg. / pkg

Save $20.00

5 Bird Chicken Bundle

(5) Whole Chickens 3.9 - 5 lb avg. / pkg

Save $31.00

Premium Sizzling Steak Gift Bundle

Features 9 Premium Cut Steaks! Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones!

Save $3.00
In stock

BIG Premium Sizzling Steak Beef Bundle

Features 22 Premium Cut Steaks. Free Shipping to your door.

Save $20.00

1/2 Lamb Bundle

1/2 Lamb 14 lb Bundle. That's over 56 (4 oz) meal portions!

Save $10.00
In stock

Whole Lamb Bundle

Whole Lamb 28 lb Bundle.

Save $31.00
In stock

Little Pig Pork Sampler (Soy-Free Finished)

12 lb Bundle of delicious meal portions!

Save $4.00
In stock

5 Small Bird Chicken Bundle

(5) Small Whole Chickens 2.8 - 3.9 lb avg. / pkg

Save $9.48
In stock

Bounty of the Sea Box

15 Pieces: 2 New Halibut!, 2lb Pkg of Large Shrimp, 5 Salmon Portions, 5 Cod Portions, 2 Pkgs of Salmon Candy

Save $20.00

Wonderfully Wild Seafood Box

11 Pieces: 2lb Pkg of Large Shrimp, 5 Salmon Portions, 5 Cod Portions

Save $10.00
In stock

Common Ground Bundle

8 - 1 lb packages

Save $5.00
In stock
Save $2.00
In stock
Save $31.00
In stock

You want beef but there's one reason you need beef, it is good for your health. Beef that is grass-fed and raised on regenerative farmland provides healthy fats. When we eat healthy fats, our bodies createketonesin the process of digestion. Ketones can help kill cancer cells. Starches and grains that turn to sugar feed cancer cells. If we eat healthy fats and no sugars, we will be much less likely to get cancer - And much more likely to cure cancer. Grass-fed beef is so much more nutrient-rich than cattle fed in feedlot. The most unique thing about grass fed cattle is the diversity of different plants that they get to eat out in the Meadows. This also creates a superior flavor and texture because of the way the cattle are moved to fresh grass every day.
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