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Nature's Most Potent Superfood

September 17, 2020

What “super hero food” takes giant leaps at offering amazing benefits for your health, the environment and your wallet?

I am talking about ORGAN MEATS!

Organ meat, also known as offal, is a “turn off” to many in today’s world. This was not always the case. Offal has been prized by cultures and tribes for centuries, considered as the most significant meat -- saved exclusively for heads of family, hunters, elders, pregnant women, and upper echelons of society. Even in the wild, orcas will eat only a great white shark’s liver and the alpha wolf or lion will eat the liver and heart first, leaving the muscled meat for the rest of the pack.

What do these wild animals know that we humans are beginning to better understand?

Organ meats take home the gold for best execution in nutrient-rich density!

You might find it interesting here at The Maker’s Meadow, among the many organ meats we sell from beef kidney to lamb liver to chicken gizzards, we often see that chicken livers, beef hearts, and tongue are favorites among our customers.

Today, for those of you who may be on the fence, thinking offal sounds a whole lot like the word “awful,” I’d like to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone. Organ meats should not be left for the adventurous at heart. (Pun intended) J 

Allow me to share why you should challenge yourself to a new eating adventure and order yourself some chicken, beef or lamb hearts and more because your health and wellness means a great deal to us!

Please note information shared in this article only applies to pasture-raised, grass-fed, ethically raised, hormone free, GMO free organ meat.

Gut healing diets like the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP), GAPS, Whole 30, Keto, Paleo, Primal, Ancestral, and Carnivore Diet all include organ meats. Why? Organs offer a POWERHOUSE of nutrients and are shown to be an incredible aid in healing the gut. According to an article by Healthy Gut, “As far as nutrient density goes, organ meats are second to none. Gram for gram, they’re the most concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and essential amino acids.” The Healthy Gut article (referenced below) shares that organ meats are good for cardiovascular health, optimal joint health, a robust immune system, a source of energy, a proving aid in reducing arthritic pain, a contributor to radiant skin, and a healthy source for pregnant moms and babies.

Organ Meat packs the greatest punch of vitamins, minerals, and protein in one bite!

This chart created by Functional Medicine Doctor and Author Chris Kresser illustrates the incredible nutrition found in beef liver compared to a common fruit and vegetable!



There is a common misconception that by eating the liver of an animal, you are actually eating toxins
stored in the liver. One of the roles of the body’s liver is to help neutralize toxins but liver does not actually store toxins. Instead, liver contains one of the highest concentrations of nutrients designed to provide the body with tools to eradicate the toxins! When you eat liver, you are also consuming the very vitamins and minerals to help your body detoxify.

Feeling tired? Liver is a great energy booster. Dayton resident Leah McCullough, International Wellness Speaker and Author of “Eat to Energize: Strategies and Recipes for Using the #1 Super Food for Energy” found that eating liver daily helped her heal from Fibromyalgia. McCullough says, “Pasture-raised animal products, and liver in particular, are among the top nutrient-dense foods available for the human diet. If you want more energy, more vitality, and enjoy a better quality of life, eating these sacred foods is essential.”

McCullough recommends that if you’re not a fan of the taste of liver but want to reap the health benefits, you can actually cut up partially frozen RAW beef or lamb liver that has been frozen for a minimum of two weeks and chop into pill size form and keep in the freezer. She swallows four “liver pills” (one ounce) daily to maximize her energy levels.


Liver and beef kidney are good sources of Vitamin A, which plays an important role in our eyesight, tissue healing, bone growth, healthy skin, antioxidant effects, immune function, and cancer suppression. Vitamin D, a key player in immune health, calcium metabolism and bone growth, can be found in in pastured pork fat, beef kidney, and beef liver. B Vitamins are necessary for energy, metabolic functions, healthy skin and nerve functions and beef and lamb kidney, plus liver, offer some of the highest levels. Beef, lamb and chicken hearts along with liver are a great source of Vitamin B12, which is good for your entire nervous system, DNA production, healthy red blood cells, and overall energy booster.


Our bodies need Copper for hemoglobin production, collagen and enzyme formation, amino acid and thyroid hormone conversion, and nervous system function. Beef and lamb liver provide the highest source of copper while other good sources include beef and lamb heart, beef kidney, and chicken liver. Iron is also another important mineral that is part of our hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout our bodies. Iron, which is found in liver, heart and kidney organ meats, is also important for energy production, protein metabolism, bone formation and detoxification. Selenium protects our bodies from cellular degradation, acts as an anti-carcinogenic agent, aids in thyroid hormone conversion, and promotes fertility. Beef, lamb and pork kidney provide the highest source of selenium with chicken liver following second. Zinc is necessary for cellular functions like detoxification, energy production, bone and tooth structure, thyroid hormone conversion, fertility, digestion, immune function, taste, and blood sugar regulation. Good sources include liver and beef, chicken and lamb heart.


Organ meats are all an excellent protein source. What’s more, animal protein provides all nine essential amino acids that your body needs to function effectively.

Organ Meat honors our commitment to ethical practices

Have you heard the term eating “nose-to-tail?”  This means that we are not wasting any part of the animal. It is honorable and ethical to consume as much of the animal as we can. Did you know that organ meats, also known as “viscera,” make up about 25% of the animal? Eating organ meats is a way to eliminate discarding up to a fourth of the animal.

Organ Meat offers the greatest bang for your buck

If your budget has taken a hit during these past few months or you want to save when ordering healthy meats, considering ordering offal. Not only are you purchasing more meat at lower costs, you are also guaranteeing a high return in nutrition. At The Maker’s Meadow you can order our organ meats at a really reasonable price!


-Our chicken gizzards are now being sold for only $2.50 a pound!

-Our beef kidney is on sale for $3.75 a pound!  Beef Kidney is known to help reduce histamines.

-Our beef liver is $5.00 a pound and beef heart is only $5.75 a pound.

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Cooking with Organ Meats

One of the best ways to start cooking with organ meat is to simply mix it with another meat to help you get used to the flavor. For instance, mix liver with ground beef or ground lamb. Also, soaking organ meats in lemon juice or milk before cooking with them can also help tenderize the meat and contribute to a milder flavor. If you cook with chicken gizzards, you will want to parboil them for 30 minutes before drenching in some flour, salt and pepper and then sautéing for a tasty treat. Carnivore Diet advocate Dr. Paul Saladino says most people like to start by trying beef heart because it closely resembles the muscle meats you’re used to eating.

“Eat to Energize” Author Leah McCullough
kindly shared with us her favorite chili recipe that calls for “hidden” chicken liver that we would like to pass on to you to try. Click here for recipe!

We also recommend Maria's Chili Seasoning. It's an all natural seasoning that gives your chilly an amazing smoky flavor. 

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