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Bones and Organs

Bones and organs from pasture-raised animals can be just as useful as regular meat and even more nutritious! Count on The Maker's Meadow for these often-overlooked products.

Save $10.00

Pork Cheek Meat

2-4 oz. avg. / pkg

Save $2.00

Beef Cheeks

8oz Package

Beef Spleen

8oz Package

Beef Brains

8oz Package

Beef Pancreas

8 oz . avg. Package

Pork Ham Hocks

1 Smoked Ham Hock

Save $20.00

Pork Liver

.70 lb avg. / pkg

Save $8.01

Pork Tongue

1 tongue / package

Save $6.00

Pork Heart

.75 lb package

Save $6.00

Pork Lard

1.70 lb avg. / pkg

Save $20.00
Save $16.00
Save $2.00

Beef Fat Pieces

2.4 lb avg. / pkg

Save $13.58

Beef Soup Bones

1.80 lb avg. / pkg

Beef Ox Tail

1.95 lb avg. / pkg

Beef Fat - Ground

2 lb avg. Bulk Packages

Save $8.00 /lb.
$18.99 /lb.
$26.99 /lb.
Avg. 2 lb.

Beef Liver

10 oz avg. / pkg

Save $3.50

Beef Heart

1.25 lb avg. / pkg

Beef Kidney

12 oz. avg. / pkg

Beef Tongue

2 lb avg. / pkg

Beef Sweetbreads

1.35 lb Package

Lamb Broth Bones

1.9 lb avg. / pkg

Ground Lamb Fat

2.5 lb avg. / pkg

Save $15.00

Sheep/Lamb Tongue

1 Per Package

Sheep/Lamb Liver

12 oz avg. / pkg

Sheep / Lamb Heart

4 oz. avg. / pkg

Sheep/Lamb Kidney

4 oz avg. / pkg. apx. 2 pieces

Chicken Feet for Broth

14 oz avg. / pkg

Chicken Hearts

14 oz Package

Some people might be put off by the idea of eating animal bones and organs. Here at The Maker's Meadow, we supply for these adventurous eaters. For one, these products are part of our commitment to ethical practices. We believe that it is important to make good use of every part of the animal that we can. Aside from limiting waste, bones and organs are great for cooking. While bones are great treats for our furry friends, they also make fantastic stews. Marrow, beef, and chicken bones are among our most popular options. When it comes to organs, we have everything from beef tongue to lamb liver. The possibilities with these products are endless. They are great grilled, braised, or pickled. You can even make tacos out of them! Do you want to try out a new recipe? Maybe you’re just looking to switch over to an ethical source. Whatever the case may be, you can depend on The Maker's Meadow for quality products.