1/2 Lamb Bundle

1/2 Lamb Bundle

1/2 Lamb 14 lb Bundle. That's over 56 (4 oz) meal portions!
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A diversity of delicious cuts!

comes in (1) 14lb. Case 1/2 cubic ft. of freezer space.

Notice: The products may vary from the picture This is what the bundle now includes...

3 Rib Chops ( 2 / pkg)

2 Loin Chops ( 2 / pkg)

6 Spare Ribs ( 1 / pkg)

1 Leg of Lamb ( 1 / pkg)

2 Lamb Shoulder Chops

2 Ground Lamb (6 oz pkg)

2 lbs of Lamb Breakfast Sausage 

1 lb of Lamb Salt, Pepper, Sage, Sausage

1 lb of Smoked Sausage Links

100% grass-fed lamb is finished on Lush Meadows delivering a delightful nutritious eating experience!

Our cows and sheep graze diverse meadows of greens, grasses, and alfalfa throughout the growing season. The animals are moved to fresh pasture every day, leaving the rest of the meadow to rest and build new soil.

We call this process regenerative grazing because it goes well beyond sustainability and actually reverses the environmental damage caused by past conventional farming. As part of this process, we give the animals free access to mineral supplements; this avoids any potential deficiencies from past soil depletion, and results in the mineral-rich meat everyone needs for optimal health.

In winter, our sheep and cattle eat hay we harvested from the fields during the summer. We do not feed them any grain. In the rare case of health problems, we treat our animals with the same safe, natural, herbal remedies we use for our family.