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Chicken Wings (read description)

Chicken Wings (read description)

1 lb avg. / pkg

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*Attention some of these packaged, frozen chicken wings may have a some feathers on them that the butcher missed. If you turn your oven up to 450° and roast them for a little I will burn off of most of the feathers.*

The Chickens are moved daily to fresh green forage and supplemented with low soy Certified Organic seeds and grains.

Delicious pasture-raised chicken wings! You will know our chicken wings are truly pasture-raised and farm fresh because delicious juicy flavor that comes from humanly raised happy birds!! Enjoy the rich flavor of these delectable chicken wings roasted, fried, or even air fryer chicken wings! Serve with hot sauce, ranch or BBQ sauce!

We bring you 100% pasture-raised, steroid & hormone-free meat delivered right to your door!

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