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Half Hog Pork Bundle (Soy-Free Finished)

Half Hog Pork Bundle (Soy-Free Finished)

43 lb Delicious variety bundle!
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Comes with 1 Free Pack of Cracklings!!!


Stock up your freezer with 100% pasture-raised pork. The Half Hog Pork Bundle is perfect for a gift or to fill your own freezer with a wide variety of quality cuts from local, delicious, and nutritious pork raised in Ohio.

Pork For Breakfast

6 Bacon 12 oz. avg. / pkg

5 Sausage (4) 4 oz Patties

5 Stuffed Pork Sausage in Coils

2 Smoked Sliced Shorter

Half hog bundle breakfast meat

Pork For Special Occasions

6 Boneless Loin Chop

2 Spare Ribs

1 Loin Roast

1 Tenderloin

1 Baby Back Ribs

Half hog bundle  special occasion  meat

Pork For Every Day

2 Sliced Ham

1 Ham Roast

3 Lard

1 Shoulder Roast

1 Ham Hock

5 Ground Pork

Half hog bundle every day meat

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