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Medium Pig Pork Bundle (Corn & Soy-Free)

Medium Pig Pork Bundle (Corn & Soy-Free)

18 lb Delicious variety bundle!

Bundle Special!

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Medium pig bundle breakfast meat

Pork For Breakfast

2 Bacon 12 oz. avg. / pkg

2 Salt Pepper & Sage Sausage (4) 4 oz Patties / pkg

1 Stuffed Pork Breakfast Sausage in Coils 

Medium pig bundle  special occasion meat

Pork For Special Occasions

3 Boneless Loin Chops
1 Spare Ribs
Loin Roast 

Medium pick bundle every day meat

*Products may vary from the picture.

Pork For Every Day

1 Salt Pepper & Sage Sausage

1 Shoulder Roast

1 Lard

Large Ham Roast for Extra Special Occasions!!!

Medium Pig Pork Bundle (Corn & Soy-Free) is a Premium Berkshire package full of delicious cuts of pasture-raised pork. Perfect for stocking your freezer with your daily essentials.

Pasture-raised pork has higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids which are “healthy fats” that support your heart health.

One key benefit is helping to lower your triglycerides. Omega-3 fatty acids also help all the cells in your body function as they should. 

The Maker's Meadow brings you 100% pasture-raised meat that is antibiotic & hormone-free. Clean & humanely-raised meat in Preble County, Ohio in the Best Way. 

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