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Wonderfully Wild Seafood Box

Wonderfully Wild Seafood Box

11 Pieces: 2lb Pkg of Large Shrimp, 5 Salmon Portions, 5 Cod Portions

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1 | 2 lb pkg Wild Argentinian Royal Red Patagonian Shrimp!!! (contains avg 20 to 23 large shrimp)

5 | 5-7 oz Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Portion/Fillet

5 | 6-8 oz Wild Alaskan Pacific Cod Portion/Fillet

11 Pieces, Frozen, Individually packaged.

Our Wonderfully Wild Seafood Box features five portions of delicate white fish (Cod), five portions of the ever-popular nutrient-dense Wild Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Boneless Fillet Portions and 8 servings of our *New* Wild Royal Red Patagonian Shrimp.

Our Sockeye Salmon Fillet Portions, known for their high quality and fresh flavor, come from Bristol Bay in Alaska. It's the largest and most productive ecosystem for salmon in North America.This fresh salmon is always caught according to Alaskan quota standards and sustainably harvested from our friend, and your fisherman, Captain Tony. Short of catching this fish yourself in Alaska, reviewers describe the taste as “the best in the world!” The team hand-fillets the fish as soon as it is caught. It’s then vacuum-sealed and flash frozen so you can taste the waters of Alaska with every bite.

Our Wild Pacific Cod is a chef favorite for its flaky texture and mild flavor. The fish is lean and white, which works perfectly for baking, grilling, or cooking in a skillet. When paired with steamed vegetables or potatoes, this fish dinner will make your taste buds sing!

Our Wild Argentinian Royal Red Patagonian Shrimp comes from the icy, pure waters of Patagonia, Argentina. This bright red large shrimp is revered for its sweet, rich flavor and delicate texture. This easy to peel, de-veined shrimp is a true favorite among seafood lovers. Shrimp comes frozen in a resealable bag so you can conveniently select and cook exactly the desired amount without having to prepare the entire bag at once!

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-Wild Argentinian Royal Red Patagonian Shrimp, -Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, -Wild Alaskan Pacific Cod