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Appetizer Recipes

written by

John Filbrun

posted on

November 21, 2022

Whether you're serving your family or a crowd, appetizers are a terrific solution for a light meal. It's fun for guests to sample a medley of dishes without having to commit to a huge plate of food.

Appetizers are what we eat on Christmas Eve and it's become one of our most favorite family traditions. Each family member will make an appetizer and will share with everyone. We love tasting what everyone has made plus it makes it easy on whoever is making a big meal the next day.

Today I want to share a few of my favorite appetizers that are easy to make using some of our delicious Maker's Meadow meats!

Maple Glazed Ham Slice with Cranberries

Maple Glazed Ham Slice with Cranberries and Sweet Potatoes

Use our Maker's Meadow Ham Slice or Ham Roast

Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Use our Maker's Meadow Pork Bacon

For Meatballs you can use any mixture of our ground meats or one kind:

Ground Beef

Ground Turkey

Ground Pork

Ground Lamb

Crockpot Meatballs with Grape Jelly Sauce

Photo presented by Taste of Home

30 Meatball Appetizers

Hope you and your family enjoy an Appetizer Eve tradition like we do!

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