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Thanksgiving Preparation

written by

John Filbrun

posted on

November 1, 2023

Thanksgiving preparation tips...

1 Prepare your heart by being thankful now. I'm thankful for how God is working through the war in Israel and Ukraine. He's helping us to remember to pray for them and care for them even though there's not much we can do, we know he is in control and will take care of each soul in need as we cry out asking Him to heal and restore them.


2 Choose and pre-order your turkey wisely. Stay away from turkeys that are full of solutions and high sodium injections if possible find one that is…

Raised like the ones at The Maker's Meadow. Freshly frozen turkeys that have been fed soy free seeds and grains in open grass fields. Available with free shipping to your door. So order 1-2 lb of turkey for each guest TODAY at THE MAKERS MEADOW.COM


3 Prepare your heart some more by being thankful! I'm thankful for our government, even though we don't always agree with what they do we have it so much better than most countries. For instance, my siblings have been in Nigeria and they say that the cars go down in the potholes so deep that you can't even see them. We have wonderful streets, highways, and interstates compared to that!


4 Time to thaw your turkey is about one day for every 5 pounds of turkey. A large 20 pound turkey will take about four days in your refrigerator.


5 Do turkeys get revenge?😠

Here is a video of one that got me right in the back. 😖 🏃🏻

Until thanksgiving write down three things that you are thankful for each day. Because thankfulness to God helps with happiness!


6 Here's the link to my friend Charlotte's video on brining a turkey.

Also you can see how our family likes to do it in the blog as well.


7 Do you ever struggle to think of things to be thankful for?

How about all the answered prayers for the release of the captive missionaries in Haiti?
Or seeing how the community pulled together and helped the needy folks in eastern Ohio, where there was a horrible chemical spill?

Of course, you can always ask the turkeys and they say gow gow gow.

And we are so grateful for our Firefighters, Police, EMS, and other service workers!!!


8 When is your turkey done? 165° in the breast and 180° in the thigh

Learn more in this blog post...

A lot of other tips at this link...

Check back, there's more to come…

Until then comment below with things you like to remember in preparation for Thanksgiving.

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