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10 lb Standard Ground Beef Bundle (read description)

10 lb Standard Ground Beef Bundle (read description)

10 - 1 lb packages
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Standard Grass-fed Ground Beef is a Good option for folks looking for a more economical Option compared to Premium Ground Beef

I've had request from folks to offer a line of grass-fed beef that would be a little more economical.

So we created this Standard line Of grass fed beef. Some of this beef is raised by other farmers in the community and does not meet me our standards of being raised with Organic practices. The Standard line is typically older breeding stock that is not quite as tender as the premium grass-fed beef that we normally offer.

Older animals tend to have more flavor than younger ones, so this beef has excellent flavor... but is not as tender ( it is a little more chewy and has some gristle).

Nor does it have the nice consistent fat content like the Premium Ground Beef

Standard Grass-fed Ground Beef is a blend of round, chuck, brisket, and trimmings from other quality cuts.

This tasty ground beef is perfect for stir-frys, meatball, casseroles, and countless other tasty dishes!

 All of our meat is Pasture-Raised. Antibiotic-Free and GMO-Free.

Meat is frozen and delivered in vacuum-sealed packages that are free of BPA, Melamine and Animal By-Product.

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