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1 | 8 - 10 oz Portion/Fillet
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Halibut has arrived! Time to add grade A Alaskan Halibut to your menu! Wild caught from the continental shelf areas of remote Alaska, we are now delivering the highest quality Alaskan Halibut directly to your door. Alaskan halibut are flat fish that swim the continental shelf areas in remote Alaska. Halibut sets the flavor standard for delicious tasting fish, and Captain Tony is supplying us with highest quality. The meat of this large-species (up to 500lb per fish) is white, flaky and perfect. Typically baked or grilled, you can’t ask for a better fish to cook with.

This sustainably harvested abundant natural resource is an excellent source of protein. 100% all natural product comes directly from nature with no preservatives. These skinless boneless portions come individually vacuum packed. Perfectly sized portions are approximately 8 – 10 oz and serve 1-2 people.

Simple to store, thaw and cook, these skinless boneless wild Alaskan Halibut fillets are a delicious and convenient dinner option any day of the week. Taste the difference when you buy Captain Tony's wild Halibut from The Maker's Meadow!

Click below to watch this simple yet delicious Halibut recipe!

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