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Beef Hanging Tender/Hanger steak

Beef Hanging Tender/Hanger steak

19 oz avg. / pkg

100% grass-fed Hanger Tender (or also known as Hanging Tenderloin or Butcher's Tenderloin) is a very tender, rich, beefy flavor steak that's often used in tacos, fajitas, bulgogi or marinated and grilled. This meat is related to the Flat Steaks like Skirt and Flank, but this particular steak comes with the best balance of meat and muscle that leaves it flavorful and tender.

This steak should not be over grilled or it will lose its amazing tenderness.

How to Grill: Simply add some sea salt and pepper. Then fire up the grill and wait to come to full temperature before adding the steak to the grill. High heat is key. Cook about two minutes on each side. Meat thermometer should read between 125 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit when done. Remove from grill and rest steaks for 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

This meat is so good but it's also a rare cut of meat. You'll find only ONE Hanging Tender per cow as it's the muscle that is the pillar of the diaphragm. While relatively unknown, this meat has often been known as the butcher's favorite for many years.

Restaurants like to use a blend of Hanging Tender (40%), Chuck (40%) and Beef Fat (20%) to make a Ground Beef Mixture.

Our meat is all natural and never given any drugs or antibiotics. Humanely, meadow-raised meats in West Alexandria, OH utilizing Regenerative Farming Practices.

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