1-Pack (2) Chicken Breasts, Boneless, Skinless

1-Pack (2) Chicken Breasts, Boneless, Skinless

2 Pieces Per Package
$17.75/lb. Avg. 1.2lb .
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A most popular poultry cut is our tender and juicy 100% pasture-raised chicken breast.

Chicken breasts are versatile -- you can roast, grill, bake, saute, fry, air fry or broil them. Season your chicken breasts with almost any flavors you like as the chicken takes on flavor very well. Cut the breasts up and add them to pasta, soups, and stews.

This package comes with 2 meaty boneless, skinless chicken breasts. 

All of our meat is 100% Grass-fed and Free of Antibiotics or Hormones.

Humanely, Meadow-Raised in West Alexandria, OH utilizing Regenerative Farming Practices.

Meat is frozen and delivered in vacuum-sealed packages that are free of BPA, Melamine and Animal By-Product.