Chicken Gizzards (click & please read description)

Chicken Gizzards (click & please read description)

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Our 100% pasture-raised Chicken Gizzards are dark, meaty and tasty with a surprisingly high nutritional content.

If you’re an adventurous cook who doesn’t mind a few extra steps to prepare a meal, you may enjoy cooking up some gizzards!

Key Steps to Preparing Gizzards:

#1 Step: Be sure to thoroughly rinse gizzards free of the natural grit and small pebbles that typically accompany them.

#2 Step: After rinsing, you’ll then want to boil, braise or pressure cook ‘em for an extended time to really tenderize them!

You can then bread them and oven bake, air fry or pan fry them into naturally perfectly-sized chicken nuggets!

What is a GiZZARD?

Chickens don't have teeth to chew their food. They rely on the gizzard located in the stomach to digest grains and bugs which utilizes small pebbles to help grind food down… hence grit naturally can be found in gizzards but thankfully can be rinsed away!

There is only one gizzard per chicken.

You’ll find a lot of “old” recipes and ways to cook gizzards.

When you cook them right, they are super hearty and delicious!

We bring you 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised, antibiotic & hormone-free meat delivered right to your door! Enjoy wholesome & humanely raised meat from West Alexandria, Ohio using regenerative farming practices.