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Chicken Thighs

Chicken Thighs

1.40 avg. / pkg

The Chickens are moved daily to fresh green forage and supplemented with low soy Certified Organic seeds and grains.

Pasture-raised chicken thighs are delicious, nutritious, and juicy.

Good to use in many recipes. This cut features the rich and juicy dark meat taken from the leg of the bird. The bone and skin on these chicken thighs make any recipe flourish with flavor.

Best way to cook chicken thighs: Broil, roast in the oven, pan fry, grill, slow cooker, Or Use your Instant Pot or Air-Fryer.

We bring you 100% pasture-raised, antibiotic & hormone-free meat delivered right to your door! Enjoy wholesome & humanely raised meat from West Alexandria, Ohio using regenerative farming practices. 

No Added Hormones / No Steroids / No Drugs / No Antibiotics / GMO-Free / 

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