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Common Ground Bundle

Common Ground Bundle

8 - 1 lb packages

Bundle Savings!

Save $5.00

4 Premium Ground Beef Packages

2 Ground Pork Packages

2 Ground Turkey Packages

Our fine, ground meats are a blend of high quality cuts and trimmings to make the perfect blend of meat for easy frying without oil. An excellent healthy protein option to add to any meal or recipe.

Keep your freezer stocked with delicious pasture-raised ground meats. Ground meat is the perfect high-quality meat for dishes such as stir-frys, tacos, meatball, casseroles, and soups!

Serve our delicious ground beef to your family and friends. They will enjoy the taste so much, they will never go back to store bought meat again!

All of our animals are pasture-raised in Ohio using regenerative farming practices. They are fed the highest quality of food with minimal stress. The Makers Meadow provides you with farm meat delivery right to your door. It is locally raised meat you can trust to eat.

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