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Large Whole Turkey (frozen)

Large Whole Turkey (frozen)

16-18 lb Whole Turkey
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16-18 lb. Large Whole Turkey. We are excited to bring you a ready to cook, pasture raised turkey!

Here's our family recipe for you!

Simple turkey recipe.

We bring you 100% natural, whole turkey with no added preservatives, MSG-Free,and GMO-Free. You can feel good about your Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving day or cook a turkey any day of the year.

Our turkey is perfect to use when prepping your meals each week. Pick the turkey off the bone and add it to many recipes such turkey wraps, perfet turkey sandwiches, turkey tacos, turkey salad (like chicken salad), turkey casserole, and even make a turkey sheperd's pie.

All of our animals are pasture raised in a natural environment in West Alexandria, OH using regenerative farming practices. So, if you are looking for local turkey farms near you with fresh turkey, The Maker's Meadow has just what your looking for.

Our juicy turkeys are a top seller at Thanksgiving and will be the masterpiece of your table!

  • Enjoy a 100% all natural turkey
  • Perfect time of the year to freeze meat for the winter
  • Feed your family pasture-raised, fresh turkeys REAL protein rich food
  • Prepare a nutrient-rich turkey pasture raised

Feel safe eating no drugs, GMO-Free, no preservatives turkey. Raised with organic practices at the Maker's Meadow in Ohio.

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