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Primal Ancestral Blend Ground Beef Patties

Primal Ancestral Blend Ground Beef Patties

(4) 4 oz Patties Per Package

Our fine, 100% grass-fed ground beef blend of round, chuck, brisket, and trimmings is now also blended with liver, heart and kidney!

100% grass-fed ground beef patties made into preformed patties for your convenience!

Delicious, nutrient-dense, and ready to thaw out and toss on the grill!

These preformed patties are great to have on hand in the freezer for cookout, picnics, and easy family dinner and lunches.


1️⃣ Nose-to-tail is better for you and the environment. Some consumers want the health benefits of organ meat but either don't like the taste or are unsure how to best prepare it. That's why desiccated organ supplements have exploded in popularity at health food stores recently. But this is a much easier and more delicious way to eat nose-to-tail and help ensure none of the harvested animal is wasted.

2️⃣ Our Ancestral Blend allows you to get the benefits of organ meat in the way God intended. It offers higher bioavailable nutrition, which means that nutrients are better digested and absorbed because the animal's native lipids, enzymes and amino acids are still fully in tact. No weird, overpriced powders. Just straight-up delicious grass-fed-and-finished beef however you wish to prepare it!

3️⃣ The best burger ever? One of our workers who's had Ancestral Blends from other, bigger farms sampled ours and told me it's the best burger he's ever made. I sure hope that's true! And I'd sure be grateful if you tried it for yourself and let me know what you think!

All of our animals are pasture-raised in a natural environment in West Alexandria, OH using regenerative farming practices. They are fed the highest quality of food with minimal stress. Free from mRNA, hormones and steroids.