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Small Whole Chicken

Small Whole Chicken

3 - 4 lb avg. / pkg

The Chickens are moved daily to fresh green forage and supplemented with low soy Certified Organic seeds and grains.

Pastured-raised chicken is a traditional favorite and one of our best sellers! They live a happy life on pasture.

How to cook a whole chicken? Oven-Roasted, boil, slow-cook, braise it, or Instant Pot.

 What can you use a whole chicken for? Soups, soup stock, fajitas, chicken and dumplings, sandwiches, enchiladas, and salads.

 All of our animals are pasture-raised in a natural environment in West Alexandria, OH using regenerative farming practices. They are fed the highest quality of food with minimal stress. MSG-Free,100% Natural, Ethically raised, raised with organic practices, nutrient-dense, chemical free, grass-fed, no coloring, all natural, no preservatives. 

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 They live a happy life on pasture.

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