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Smoked Sliced Pork Shoulder

Smoked Sliced Pork Shoulder

15 oz avg. / pkg
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Smoked Sliced Pork Shoulder is a great bacon alternative with low salt.Our smoked sliced pork shoulder has a wonderful smoky flavor!

How to cook Smoked Sliced Pork Shoulder: Smoke it on the grill or fry it up in a cast iron pan for a delicious treat. Add it to your green beans or baked beans for a side dish they will keep requesting!

Nutrition: Pork from pasture-raised pigs contains twice the amount of vitamin E—which is important for heart, skin, hormonal, and brain health. Pasture-raised pork has higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids which are “healthy fats” that support your heart health and lower your triglycerides

Omega-3 fatty acids also help all the cells in your body function as they should. 

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