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Turkey Necks

Turkey Necks

6-8 Necks 2-3 lb Per Package

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Our 100% natural turkey necks are perfect to roast or boil for soup meat, nutrient-rich broth, and making delicious gravy!

  • Turkey is rich in high-quality protein
  • Turkey is also a food high in selenium
  • Turkey is a food rich in magnesium and niacin

You can trust that you are getting fresh local turkey in ohio. The Maker's Meadow brings you all natural, pasture raised meats raised with organic farming practices. They are fed the highest quality of food with minimal stress and never fed drugs or antibiotics.


Meat is frozen and delivered in vacuum-sealed packages that are free of BPA, Melamine and Animal By-Product.


It's EASY to set up an account with us, place your order, and OUR meat delivery system brings your items right to your door! 

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