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Wild Alaskan Pacific Cod Fillet (Boneless)

Wild Alaskan Pacific Cod Fillet (Boneless)

1 | 6-8 oz Portion/Fillet

1 | 6-8 oz Portion/Fillet

Almost everyone loves the taste of cod and we have the best!

Our Wild Caught Pacific Cod (also called True Cod) is sustainably harvested from Alaskan waters and “flash frozen'' the same day.

In the Greater Dayton Region, we deliver frozen packages at no extra cost directly to your door with orders of $149 or more.

Cod is a firm, white-fleshed fish with a soft, delicious flavor. It’s low-fat, flaky and a good source of protein, phosphorus, and niacin - which helps prevent heart disease. You’ll also find it packed with Vitamins B6 and B12 which are known to help lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Our Cod is also an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids which help promote cardiovascular health.

Individually vacuum-packed portions weigh 6 to 8 ounces each. These hand-cut fillets are boneless and skinless for your convenience.

Cod is one of the most beautiful, versatile mild fish you can plan a meal around. It can be pan fried, deep fried, air fried, oven baked, or made in the instant pot. It’s the perfect tasting fish for fish and chips, fish tacos, fish sticks, or fish stew. Also nicely paired with lemon and dill, broccoli, slaw or rice pilaf. 

With Wild Caught Alaskan Fish stocked in your home freezer, The Maker’s Meadow is pleased to help you serve your family another wonderfully nutrient-dense meal.

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